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Administrative Core


Keri Hornbuckle                       Hans-Joachim Lehmler            Scott Spak                                    David Purdy                                        Suzanne Doershuk                 External Advisory Committee

Director                                         Assistant Director                       Research Translation                    Program Administrator                      Fiscal Administrator


Project 1: Airborne PCBs and Their Metabolites: Risk Factors for Adverse Neurological Outcomes in Adolescents


Hans-Joachim Lehmler                    Jonathan Doorn                  Micheal Duffel                          Hanna Stevens                         Donna Hammond

Project Investigator                           Co-Investigator                   Co-Investigator                          Co-Investigator                        Co-Investigator


Project 2: The Role of Airborne PCBs in Adipogenesis, Adipose Function, and Metabolic Function


Aloysius Klingelhutz                      James Ankrum

Project Investigator                       Co-Investigator


Project 3: The AESOP Study: Airborne Exposures to Semi-volatile Organic Pollutants


Peter Thorne                           Andres Martinez                  Rachel Marek

Project Investigator              Co-Investigator                     Co-Investigator


Project 4: Sources of Airborne PCB Congeners


Keri Hornbuckle                          Andres Martinez

Project Investigator                    Co-Investigator


Project 5: Mitigating Airborne PCB Emissions from Sediments with Black Carbon Materials and PCB-Degrading Biofilms


Tim  Mattes                                     Jerald Schnoor                              Andres Martinez                                  Greg LeFevre

Project Investigator                      Co-Investigator                              Co-Investigator                                   Co-Investigator


Analytical Core


Keri Hornbuckle                               Rachel Marek                           Hans-Joachim Lehmler

Core Leader                                       Co-Investigator                         Co-Investigator


Community Engagement Core

                              Jessica Andino, MPH (@JessAndinoMPH) | Twitter                   

Brandi Janssen                          Jessica Andino

Core Leader                               Community Engagement Coordinator


Data Management and Analysis Core

                                                                                            Photo of Westra, Brian                                       

Kai Wang                                   Scott Spak                              Michael Jones                               Brian Westra                                             Qianjin Zhang

Core Leader                              Co-Core Leader                      Co-Investigator                            Data Services Manager                          Data Specialist          


Research Experience and Training Coordination Core

                                                                                                                               Photo of Westra, Brian

Gabriele Ludewig                  James Ankrum                          Jonathan Doorn                            Greg LeFevre                                     Brian Westra

Core Leader                             Co-Investigator                          Co-Investigator                             Co-Investigator                                 DMAC Representative


Synthesis Core


Hans-Joachim Lehmler                      Xueshu Li

Core Leader                                           Co-Investigator