Training Core

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The overall goal of the Training Core is to develop students that are uniquely qualified to solve current and future environmental problems due to their cross-disciplinary and holistic education, research skills and social understanding.

To achieve this goal the Training Core will focus on these aims:

  • Devise a teaching program for cross-disciplinary and cross-border learning.
  • Provide broad and rigorous laboratory research training to prepare students to conduct independent, problem-oriented environmental research
  • Build personal and professional connections among students and among students and national and international scientists, other professionals, and lay persons to prepare students for leadership roles in environmental research.
  • Develop monthly meetings, where all participants from every discipline are brought together to learn and to discuss the progress and challenges of their research. In these 2-hour meetings, research results from a core or research project are presented by trainees, students or post-docs.
  • Create opportunities to work with members of the community affected by Superfund sites

Isrp trainee Nick Herkert describes his project in the following video:


  • Gabriele Ludewig, PhD

    Dr. Ludewig is a professor in the College of Occupational and Environmental Health and is the Director of Graduate Studies for the Human Toxicology Program at the University of Iowa. She is a member of the Diversity Committee of the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa. In 2016 she won the prestigious John Doull Award by the Central States Society of Toxicology. Dr. Ludewig oversees, plans, and coordinates all aspects of the Training Grant in Iowa.

  • Larry Robertson, PhD

    Dr. Robertson participates in the coordination of all Training Core related activities. His leadership role in the isrp and activities related to the biannual PCB workshops and his strong connections to PCB scientists around the world provide many additional benefits for the Training Core.

  • Michael Duffel, PHD

    Dr. Duffel is Associate Director of the Iowa Superfund Research Program and leads Project 3. He is a member of the University of Iowa Human Toxicology PhD Program where he mentors toxicology students in the College of Pharmacy and in the Division of Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry. He has been awarded The Iowa Board of Regents Faculty Excellence Award.