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Administrative Core

The goal of the Administrative Core is to govern and nurture the isrp to achieve its mission of conducting outstanding (and focused) research and engagement and to identify and reduce environmental exposures and adverse health effects among impacted populations. The administrative core will serve as a focal point for the isrp and will carry out the following:

  • Provide Program Leadership, Direction, Planning and Coordination
  • Provide Administrative Services and Fiscal Support and Oversight
  • Provide information dissemination and transfer in cooperation with the Community Engagement and Research Translation Cores
  • Foster interactions with NIEHS, other Superfund Centers, and other governmental agencies.

Research progress will be assessed through the involvement of the External Advisory Committee. The Program Administrator will work with Project Leaders on matters such as budgeting and publication of results. The Community Engagement and Research Transaltion Cores will function in the information dissemination and transfer functions of the Administrative Core. Overall, the Administrative Core will be the focus of contact and nurture for the isrp.


  • Larry W. Robertson, MPH, PhD: Program Director (Principal Investigator) and Core Leader

    As principal investigator of the isrp and Core leader, Dr. Robertson is responsible for all aspects of the Superfund Project. Dr. Robertson will provide coordination and facilitate interactions among researchers within the program project.

  • Mike Duffel, PhD: Associate Program Director

    As Associate Program Director of the isrp, Dr. Michael W. Duffel assists the Director in scientific and administrative oversight of the program and in facilitating effective and timely communication of research findings and interactions among the investigators in the individual projects and cores.

  • David Purdy, MSW, Program Administrator

    David Purdy assists with program management, grant writing, conference coordination, external relations, and trainee guidance.

Program and Research Support Cores

The Program and Research Support Cores communicate with all projects, thus fostering regular communication and interaction among all components (projects and cores) of the isrp.

Program Support Cores