Science Cafés

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Public meetings at which citizens explore the latest ideas in science have been occurring for nearly twelve years around the nation following the Science Café or Café Scientifique model. The Research Translation Core (RTC), in partnership with the Environmental Health Sciences Research Center, and the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, has brought this institution to small towns near Iowa City to engage a less academically oriented audience in learning about SRP work and other exciting science research from the College of Public Health. it has

Dr. Ludewig presenting at café

The evening’s format is a short (20 minute) presentation by a researcher followed by breakout into small groups led by graduate students and the presenter to elicit responses to these TED-like talks.

One participant remarked at the end of the first cafe, “I absolutely learned new things - eating contaminated fish is a high source of PCBs, PCBs don’t travel through the soil into vegetables, PCBs are stored in fat, and yellow pigments in paint are a source of PCB11.”

We usually hold twelve Science Cafes in three to four communities, including presentations by ISRP project and core leaders.

More cafés will be scheduled for 2019. The emphasis of all Science Cafés will be on scientific discovery, hypotheses testing, and the development of public policy based on scientific advancement. For a complete listing please visit