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Four Superfund Trainees Successfully Defend their Theses!

August 10, 2016

In the spring and summer of 2016 four Iowa Superfund trainees successfully defended their theses. The four are:

  • Aditya Stanam successfully defended on April 20, 2016. His dissertation was entitled “Inflammatory Cytokine Signaling Contribute to Erlotinib Resistance in Head and Neck Cancer”. His Chair and Mentor was Dr. Andrean Simons-Burnett.


  • Eric Rodriguez successfully defended on April 21, 2016. His dissertation was entitled "Hydroxylated and   Sulfated Metabolites of Lower Chlorinated PCBs Bind with High Affinity to Human Serum Albumin and Exhibit Selective Toxicity to Neuronal Cells.”  His Chair and Mentor was Dr. Michael Duffel.


  • Sabah Hassain Enayah successfully defended her thesis on June 6, 2016. Her dissertation was entitled "Evaluation of the Toxicity Caused by Co-Exposure to Lead (Pb) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)”. Her mentors were Dr. Lars Fuortes and Dr. Gabriele Ludewig.



  • Gopi Gadupudi successfully defended his thesis on July 11, 2016. His dissertation was entitled “PCB126-induced metabolic disruption: effects on liver metabolism and adipocyte development”mentors were Dr. Larry Robertson and Dr. Aloysius Klingelhutz.

Columbus Junction Students Visit!

July 01, 2016

On April 21, 2016 twenty- three students from the 7th and 8th grades at Columbus Junction School District visited the labs at the Iowa Superfund Research Program. The students were engaged by the program's inquiry based airborne PCB learning materials. The hands on materials demonstrate the sources, remediation, and human impacts concerning PCBs.

Superfund Paper Accepted into Toxicological Sciences Journal!

July 01, 2016

Dr. Hans Joachim Lehmler, Iowa Superfund Research Program Analytical Core Leader, had a paper accepted into the prestigious journal Toxicological Sciences. The paper is entitled " 3,3',4,4',5-Pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB 126) decreases hepatic and systemic ratios of epoxide to diol metabolites of unsaturated fatty acids in male rats." The hypothesis tested was PCB 126 exposure alters the levels of oxylipins in rats. The results suggest that oxylipins are potential biomarkers of exposure to PCB 126 and that the P450/sEH pathway is a therapeutic target for PCB 126-mediated hepatotoxicity that warrants further attention.

Dr. Lehmler collaborated on the project with fellow ISRP researcher Dr. Larry Robertson, Post –Doc fellow Xianai Wu, and three researchers from the University of California-Davis: Jun Wang, Christophe Morisseau, and Bruce Hammock.




Duke Superfund Researcher Presents at Iowa Seminar

July 01, 2016

Dr. Lee Ferguson from the Duke Superfund Research Program presented at the April 29, 2016 University of Iowa Environmental Science Seminar. His talked was entitled "Helping Contaminants Emerge: New Approaches for Identifying Organic Micropollutants Relevant to Ecological and Human Exposure."

Winter Isrp Trainee Graduates

April 25, 2016

Winter graduates of the Human Toxicology Program included (pictured to the left) Mao Li, Wen Xin Koh, and Willam Klaren with faculty Gabriele Ludewig, Peter Thorne, and Larry Robertson. Not pictured Dr. Keri Hornbuckle.
Mao's dissertation was entitled “Protein Adducts and Crosslinking by Reactive Metabolites of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs).”
Wen's dissertation was entitled “Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Their Hydroxylated Metabolites in Human Serum from Urban and Rural Cohorts in the United States.”
William's dissertation was entitled "Assessment of hepatic micronutrients disruption and the hepatotoxicity of 3,3’,4,4’,5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB126)."

National SOT Meeting ISRP Trainees Gathering

April 25, 2016

SOT meeting

Former trainees of the isrp present at the dinner on Tuesday night (3/15/16) were
Fabian Grimm (, now at TAMU,TX;
Bingxuan Wang (, now at ToxServices, DC;
Senthilkumar Perumalkuppusamy (, now at NIOSH Cincinnati, OH;
Van'T Erve, Thomas (NIH/NIEHS) [F] <thomas.van'>, now at NIH,NC;
Jacobus, James A (, now at MN state public health, MN;
Yang Song (; now a faculty member in China; he brought 3 of his graduate students to the meeting and to the get-together
Xin Hu (, now at Emory, GA
Xie, Wei, now at RJ Reynolds, NC;

Current trainees at the get-together were:
Klaren, William D <>;
Gadupudi, Gopi S <>;
Li, Miao <>;
Enayah, Sabah Hassain Enayah <>;

Also present were faculty and staff members of the isrp:
Dodd, Andrea
Flor, Susanne
Ludewig, Gabriele
Robertson, Larry W

8th International PCB Workshop Journal Released

March 30, 2016

Proceedings from the 8th International PCB Workshop in Woods Hole, MA were released in the February 2016 journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research. The conference was entitled "PCBs in Schools, Exposures, Effects, Remediation and Regulation."

A primary objective of the PCB Workshop was to provide a single forum for the world experts on issues of analysis, fate and transport, exposure assessment, metabolism and disposition, toxicity, and public health policy – a unique opportunity for scientists to come together and learn from each other. 95 articles are included in the journal.

There were over 200 attendees. The conference was oranaized by the University of Iowa Superfund Research program and the Boston University Superfund Program. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences helped support the conference with grant R13 ES024637.

Ninth International PCB Workshop-Save the Date!

March 24, 2016


The University of Iowa Superfund Research Program(isrp) will be co-hosting the Ninth International PCB Workshop in Kobe, Japan from October 9-13, 2016. The workshop will be entitled "PCBs Risk Evaluation and Environmental Protection."

A primary objective of the International PCB Workshops is to provide a single forum for the world experts on issues of analysis, fate and transport, exposure assessment, metabolism and disposition, toxicity, and public health policy of PCBs- a unique opportunity for scientists to come together and learn from each other. This Workshop will include presentations on sources and occurrences of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); toxification mechanisms and targets; as well as an emphasis on human exposure, risk evaluation, and environmental protection.

The target participants are government, academic and industry scientists working on PCBs, with expertise on their detection, occurrence, exposure & risk assessment, regulation and policy development. This is the first time the Workshop will be held in Asia and over 200 attendees are expected. The Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry is co-hosting9th International PCB Workshop the event.

First Ever Urban PCBs Emissions Inventory

March 16, 2016


In the October 6, 2015 issue of Environmental Science and Technology four researchers from the University of Iowa Superfund Research Program report on an inventory of PCB stocks and emissions for Chicago, Illinois. Caitlan Shanahan, Scott Spak, Andres Martinez, and Keri Hornbuckle reported that stocks and emission are highly concentrated and not correlated with population density or demographics at the neighborhood scale. The abstract for the report can be found at    


National SRP Meeting Highlights

February 17, 2016


The Iowa Superfund Research Program was well represented at the National Superfund Research Program Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico in November 2015.SRP National Director Bill Suk, far left, presents Bill Klaren, second from right, a poster award

Superfund trainees Gopi Galupudi, Bill Klaren, Marisa Salomon Beltran, Eric Rodriguez, and Victoria Parker presented posters. Bill received a best-poster award for his presentation(co-authored by Gadupudi GS, Wels B, Simmons DL, Olivier AK, Robertson LW, University of Iowa SRP) entitled "Progression of micronutrient alteration and hepatoxicity following acute PCB 126 exposure." Only 4 best poster awards were given from the 100+ posters presented.

Dr. Peter Thorne, University of Iowa SRP Project 6 Leader, presented a poster entitled " Exposures to PCBs Not Found In Commerical Mixtures: Evidence from Biomonitoring Among Urban and Rural Adolescents and Their Mothers." Dr. Thorne also presented a platform from Project 7 (Peter S. Thorne, Xin Hu, Andrea Adamcakova-Dodd, Hans Joachmim Lehmler) entitled " Subchronic Inhalation Toxcity Study of a Complex PCB Mixture Representing Urban Air."

Community Engagement Core Leader Dr. Craig Just presented a poster, co-authored by David Osterberg, Scott Spak, University of Iowa SRP, entiteled " The Iowa Superfund Research Program, Ecolotree, and the Town of Altavista Expand a partnership. He also co-led a CEC/RTC work group discussion on 'online communication of science" with Kathrin Lawlor from Dartmouth University.

Other attendees included Dr. Larry Robertson, Director of the Iowa Superfund Research Program; Gabrielle Ludewig, Training Core Leader; David Osterberg, Research Translation Core Leader; and David Purdy, Program Administrator.

Mindy Sickels, Business Manager for the Iowa Superfund Research Program, facilitated the National Superfund Research Program Confernce's Project Administrator sessions.